you are coming to my book club whether you like it or not

"...In a 1985 interview, McCollum described his practice as 'a sort of working to rule': a job action in which workers do precisely and only what is required contractually, both refusing excess work and excessively observing rules and regulations. 'In a sense, I'm doing just the minimum that is required of an artist and no more.' Each of the plaster objects McCollum has produced is signed and dated. Although McCollum works with assistants, he insists on painting the outer edge of every black center and the inner edge of every frame. No two objects are identical: each member of each group is systematically distinguished from the others by color, shape, or both. McCollum thus reduces his activities to the production of unique objects and the act of signing them: the bare minimum of what still constitutes artist labor..." Museum Highlights

Ten Plaster Surrogates
1982, Enamel on hydrostone

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Adam said...

I'm enjoying this imposed book club, both in the imposing sense and the book content sense.