Aaron Brewer - DO GOOD @ David Patton LA

Aaron Brewer - DO GOOD

David Patton Los Angeles
932 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, California


artist of 10:54 AM: George Henry Longly

Reticent and Politic
2008, 2 x freestanding mesh screens, spray paint

Relative Truths
2008, Laminated Venetian stripe mirror, brass fittings

one thousand millimetres x 16m
2007, 16 one metre mirror plates

George Henry Longly
Dicksmith Gallery (images)
Unit 27b, 1-13 Adler Street, London, E1 1EG

Marius Bercea @ Chung King Project

Look at 'em—red dots! So, big surprise...painting's still a winner even in this economy. It's nice to picture yourself somewhere else and a purdy lil' painting can help. I bet those wandering path paintings leading into a bright light with a hanging noose are big sellers these days. What, wasn't that what Mr. Ross painted? You can look at that painting as your color-palette-matching couch gets repossessed. What fun life is these days!

Marius Bercea
Time Will Tell
Chung King Project


Walead Beshty, Kelley Walker, Christopher Williams @ China Art Objects

Walead Beshty
Kelley Walker
Christopher Williams

January 24 to February 28, 2008

China Art Objects

Alexandra Wiesenfeld: Man Made @ Happy Lion

Alexandra Wiesenfeld / Man Made
January, 17th — February, 21st, 2009
Happy Lion Gallery

Melinda Ring/Jennifer Nelson: for the birds @ The Box

Melinda Ring/Jennifer Nelson
for the birds
PR: The Box is pleased to present the first collaborative work of choreographer Melinda Ring and artist Jennifer Nelson. The artists will attempt with all sincerity, to create art and choreography that is “for the birds.” Twenty-one birds will be living together with the artists in the gallery for a twenty-one day exhibition. Twenty-one days for twenty-one birds. This project developed through a year-long conversation via instant messaging between NYC and Athens, Greece. The artists decided to explore the possibilities of artistic inter-species communication with creatures having different systems of perception, social organization, and narrative...
The Box Gallery
January 18 - February 7, 2009
Closing Reception: February 7th 3–6 pm
Daily Feedings: 1:30 pm (wed – sat)

SUPERSONIC @ The Los Angeles Art Show (The "other" fair)

Here we go. What should I start with - the roll-paper covered walls? Wow, all of these kids actually possess an MFA? Not that they all were blunders but how can you honestly look at serious MFA works on wrinkly walls, jam-packed "mom" curating and all within the context of what is the Los Angeles Art Fair. Oh, yeah that and the current economic depression and lack of anyone at the show made for tears to run down my face - good thing they served free mini bags of potato chips and tequila.

Amy Mauck and Catherine Wagley /// Kristen Foster

Esteban Martinez

Susannah Bielak

Matthew Ashjian

Chelsea Hertford Taylor /// Jacob Butts (above/below)

Christina Pierson /// XXX?

Hyehyung Ko /// Leia Jervert

Glenna Jennings

Christine Frerichs (above/below) - my prize of "best in show"

James A. Enos

M. Rey

Alejandro Castano Isaza-Casazi /// XXX?

Brian J. Marrier

Carrie Maseredjian

Ryan Schwartzkopf /// Kael Greco

..and the "fun" that was the Los Angeles Art Fair...

Supersonic 2009 is an exhibition featuring artworks of all media from nearly 80 artists, presented by M.F.A. candidates from the following institutions: Art Center College of Design, Claremont Graduate University, Otis College of Art and Design, University of California - Riverside, University of California - San Diego, University of California - Santa Barbara, and University of Southern California. Now in its fourth incarnation, Supersonic 2009 provides an outstanding opportunity for Southern California's M.F.A. students to share culturally significant contributions with the region's artistic community, as well as a dialogue with each other.

SUPERSONIC @ Los Angeles Art Show