art spy + art disgust = 0

Tonight's tales come from the free night at MOCA with Louise Bourgeois and then the walk home, which unfortunately entangled with some of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. My accomplice thinks it's funny to see me get "worked up" over the downtown "art" crowd. Every time, caught in the midst, I swear to never to leave my building on second Thursdays again and then get drawn in like watching a train wreck. (Oh, and btw how about that mini earthquake tonight?)

Uh, oh...spotted in action. Had to flee the scene!

Donkeys and blurry figures. This really speaks to my soul.

...but it was the Korean BBQ (Kogi BBQ) truck downtown tonight that sparked my interest. Too bad the line was already down the street!

This guy was the best. Combine those Shamwow commercials with an amped Bob Ross and put him on the street corner and you got yourself
c o n t e m p o r a r y art. Awesomeness.

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Anonymous said...

Last guy is John Killduff of "Let's Paint TV." Good to see him out!