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Contemporary sound
usb stick, 60 mins

Receive a free art work
Action consisting in delivering a certificate of authenticity to people turning an article about me into an origami

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now that's a review...yeeesh

by Donald Kuspit

...Warhol was the first fame-fucker, and Peyton follows in his tracks -- she’s the latest Warhol wanna-be -- down to the fact that her portraits are often based on photographs, like his. And like his, they look like cosmeticized canvases rather than paintings.
...Warhol understood that fame is a social fig leaf on personal vacuousness. Peyton thinks it is the fullness of being, showing how shallow her understanding of celebrity is compared to Warhol’s. His awareness that fame dies -- thus the fame of his death imagery -- was his way of debunking it. Peyton blindly embraces it, not knowing it is the kiss of death. Thus she is the victim of fame rather than its master, like Warhol.
...Warhol mocked the cult of celebrity even as he became a celebrity -- thus the odd note of self-defeat in his celebrity portraits -- while Peyton wallows in it, suggesting that she is as permanently immature as the adolescent mind she panders to. Her art is a case of arrested development -- esthetically as well as humanly -- while Warhol’s art is cynically mature, and as such addressed to critical consciousness, despite itself.

happy halloween


art (economy) watch //mathieu bernard-reymond

Your investment can only grow, monuments series

Dowjones 2005-03-08, monuments series, 2005

Interest income comparison 4% - 8%, monuments series, 2005

Total operating profit, monuments series, 2005

I saw this artist featured here: iheartphotograph (great blog)

Hotel Guggenheim /// Carsten Höller

From October 25 through January 6, guests can reserve an overnight stay in Revolving Hotel Room, a work of art created by artist Carsten Höller, at the Guggenheim Museum.
Revolving Hotel Room
is an art installation comprising three outfitted, superimposed turning glass discs mounted onto a fourth disc that all turn harmoniously at a very slow speed. During the day the hotel room will be on view as part of the Guggenheim’s theanyspacewhatever

exhibition, which runs from October 24, 2008–January 7, 2009. At night, the art installation becomes an operative hotel room outfitted with luxury amenities.


The exhibit opened Friday night and the first overnight guest, actress Chloe Sevigny, will be bedding down Saturday night...During the day, the hotel room is open for viewing by the public, but at night it's open only for paying guests in groups no larger than two...Guests will have the museum all largely to themselves, except for the security guards...Students can stay on Monday nights for $259 US while other visitors have to pay up to $549, but weekends are already sold out.

Did anyone else catch that ArtReview interview with jesus?

pretty funny stuff. I didn't know that art mags had a sense of humor! (AR is one of my favorites though)
view issue online HERE

I found my halloween costume!

*tryharder* as Douglas Gordon as a Self-portrait as Kurt Cobain, as Andy Warhol, as Myra Hindley, as Marilyn Monroe

-for those who know me will get the added humor ;)


heartland in the netherlands

Van Abbemuseum

For three months, the city of Eindhoven will play host to art and music from the heart of the USA.Visitors will be given an introduction to an unknown part of a very well known country.

During the American presidential elections – when there is a great deal of US political coverage in the Netherlands – the Heartland experience offers a different perspective, concentrating on new, cultural insights into the region...
The aim of the exhibition is to form a more subtle picture of the part of the United States that we define as the new Heartland. Geographically, the exhibition roughly follows the Mississippi River and its tributaries from the south to the north, taking in an area from New Orleans up to Minneapolis, including Omaha, Kansas City, Detroit and Chicago...
Why Heartland? There are several reasons why the Van Abbemuseum decided to focus on the art and culture of the central and southern states of the USA, for us defined as Heartland. Firstly, the selected works form a valuable complement to the exhibition history of the Van Abbemuseum. Most of the work exhibited in the museum from the 1960s onwards came from the American East Coast, while from the 1990s onwards the attention shifted to Los Angeles and the West Coast. This background made the curators curious about the zone in between...whole story here
shout out to detroit! (Design 99, Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop and everyone involved)

in other news

...About 50 works by around 40 art students and recent graduates had been selected via an open competition and then purchased for ¥100,000 a piece by Mitsubishi. After being displayed at the company's offices in Marunouchi (japan) for a few of months, they were being auctioned. "The first ¥100,000 raised by each work will go to a scholarship fund, which will be made available to young artists. If the hammer price goes above that, the proceeds will be split — half to the artist and half to the scholarship," explained Shinji Shimada...japantimes

haha quote of the day

(Mike) Myers told us he got into his "latest passion" through his friend, artist Damien Loeb: "I asked Damien, 'Is this possible? Like, can I do it?' And he said, 'Yes,' and he's been teaching me how to paint … I feel like I've made a friend of Damien and in painting that I'll have the rest of my life. It's very exciting."...The one piece of advice Loeb gave Myers? "Paint what you know. Paint what you love." So Myers, who describes his style as "representational," painted his dog, as well as friends and groups of friends. Would he ever sell the paintings? "Oh my God, no!" said Myers. nymag

UCLA MFA exhibition tomorrow // oct. 30th

MFA 2009 Exhibition
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 5:00-8:00 pm
UCLA New Wight Gallery
1100 Broad Art Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Exhibition of work across multiple disciplines by the UCLA Art MFA '09 students.

Katie Aliprando, Olga Balema, Michael Dopp, Eben Goff, Jennifer Gradecki, MaeganHillCarroll, Whitney Hubbs, Mitsuko Ikeno, Erica Love, Anne McCaddon, RJ Messineo, Camilo Ontiveros, Isaac Resnikoff, Asha Schechter, Alexandro Segade, Michael van Straaten

2 different artists

above detroit artist CHRIS SAMUELS

and below, dutch artist KATJA MATER (on display @ V&A gallery ny until nov. 16th)

-their portfolios as a whole are very different but I found a few between them to be an interesting comparison


consider your wardrobe like art tomorrow

Gareth Pugh S09

Pierre Labat
Dum-dum 2008
plywood, acrylic - 680 x 420 x 18 cm

artist of 5:32 PM: Augusto Arbizo

Untitled (hesidence), 2007; enamel paint on magazine page; 10.5 x 10.5"

Untitled (marden), 2007; enamel paint on magazine page; 10.5 x 10.5""

ART FORUM, opening oct. 30 @ Envoy Gallery NY

face lift

watch the Guggenheim restoration here

saltz on the economy + *frieze*

Today's story is from Mr. Saltz. Go here for to read the full story, excepts below:

from - At London’s big art fair, signs of financial trouble abound. But maybe that’s okay.

...In fact, though, things were different. Those of us who have frequented Frieze could see that something was off. Dealers and assistants who in recent years were always busy with clients now stood or sat quietly... Although the megagalleries like Gagosian and White Cube teemed with moneyed types and very tall women in very high heels, many younger dealers looked perplexed.

...If the art economy is as bad as it looks—if worse comes to worst—40 to 50 New York galleries will close. Around the same number of European galleries will, too. An art magazine will cease publishing. A major fair will call it quits—possibly the Armory Show, because so many dealers hate the conditions on the piers, or maybe Art Basel Miami Beach, because although it’s fun, it’s also ridiculous. Museums will cancel shows because they can’t raise funds. Art advisers will be out of work. Alternative spaces will become more important for shaping the discourse, although they’ll have a hard time making ends meet.

...As for artists, too many have been getting away with murder, making questionable or derivative work and selling it for inflated prices. They will either lower their prices or stop selling. Many younger artists who made a killing will be forgotten quickly.

...The good news is that, since almost no one will be selling art, artists—especially emerging ones—won’t have to think about turning out a consistent style or creating a brand. They’ll be able to experiment as much as they want.

...With luck, New Museum curator Laura Hoptman’s wish will come true: “Art will flower and triumph not as a hobby, an investment, or a career, but as what it is and was—a life.”

jerry saltz, nymag
I gotta say that as far as art criticism goes, I always manage to fully read his reviews without skimming or falling asleep. If only more critics would get to the point without jacking-off to art-speak and description.


this just in: republican party pays 6K for art restoration?

In early October, as the presidential campaign was hitting its emotional peak, the Republican National Committee mailed off a check for $6,000 to an art restoration company in Kensington, Maryland. What political purpose such an expenditure played is difficult to ascertain. An employee at Wimsatt & Associates declined to discuss the services it provided for its client, only confirming that the company deals in repairing damaged artwork, not in selling pieces. The RNC, meanwhile, did not return requests for comment. But it is hard to imagine, in the context of the current election, that $6,000 for art restoration helped the Republican Party's electoral standing...huffingtonpost full story here

future adaptations? Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte

Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte is a set of seven portraits illustrating how the human body could adjust itself to the design of products, including a hole in the lips for smokers (left) and a ridge in the nose developed for wearing glasses (right).
The project is exhibited at the graduation show at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands



October 25th - November 22nd Joy and Misery curated by Ben Shaffer
artists include: Christopher Badger, Jackson Fledermaus, Sarah Lowing, Center For Tactical Magic, Anna Mayer, Deirdre McConnell, Karthik Pandian, Devon Tsuno, Conrail Twitty

Sarah Lowing

Anna Mayer

Devon Tsuno

Christopher Badger

Conrail Twitty

Deirdre McConnell

Center For Tactical Magic

Jackson Fledermaus

Karthik Pandian


here's my non-official/official piece of the evening.


...and john isaac watters had a piece displayed in a back *bedroom* area of the space - not included in the show (but I was snooping). a building block, architectural model, cityscape, skyline...........with NO glue! feels very downtown/Gotham but due to a single candle - very hard to accurately photograph.


more about the curator in here