Richard Prince Says

My idea of fashion is Bernardo's black suit with a purple shirt in the movie West Side Story. I love what James Brown wore in his early appearances on TV and the way his shiny pants tapered down to just fit over his black pointy boots (that would later be called "Beatle boots"). Come to think of it, when Mick Jagger wore a sweatshirt on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, I thought that was art.

I'm not sure about contemporary art. I'm not sure I have the time to be sure -- there's so much of it and in so many mediums... I'd rather watch a Charles Bronson movie than video art. I don't get the new Chinese art, and I don't get Bill Viola, Ann Hamilton or Sharon Lockhart.

Maybe contemporary art should be more like casinos.

via Paper mag/published oct. 7

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