heartland in the netherlands

Van Abbemuseum

For three months, the city of Eindhoven will play host to art and music from the heart of the USA.Visitors will be given an introduction to an unknown part of a very well known country.

During the American presidential elections – when there is a great deal of US political coverage in the Netherlands – the Heartland experience offers a different perspective, concentrating on new, cultural insights into the region...
The aim of the exhibition is to form a more subtle picture of the part of the United States that we define as the new Heartland. Geographically, the exhibition roughly follows the Mississippi River and its tributaries from the south to the north, taking in an area from New Orleans up to Minneapolis, including Omaha, Kansas City, Detroit and Chicago...
Why Heartland? There are several reasons why the Van Abbemuseum decided to focus on the art and culture of the central and southern states of the USA, for us defined as Heartland. Firstly, the selected works form a valuable complement to the exhibition history of the Van Abbemuseum. Most of the work exhibited in the museum from the 1960s onwards came from the American East Coast, while from the 1990s onwards the attention shifted to Los Angeles and the West Coast. This background made the curators curious about the zone in between...whole story here
shout out to detroit! (Design 99, Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop and everyone involved)

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