2008 California Biennial

Patrick "Pato" Hebert (signs) Text Messaging: 1,000 Points of Might /// Felipe Dulzaides (billboard) Now Hope

Raymond Pettibon, Selected drawings on paper and wall drawings /// Edgar Arceneaux, (above right/below) LIVE as in ALIVE

Edgar Arceneaux (above/below)

Amanda Ross-Ho, (above/below) Frauds for an Inside Job


more details

Jordan Kantor (above/below)

Anna Sew Hoy, (above) Irma Vep's Room

Marc Hagen, (above/below) Form and Function within a Framework of Analysis and Rationality ((Zebra)), Dear Psychic Underworld..., Untitled (volcanic glass on linen)

Jebediah Caesar, (above/below) Untitled (selection of watercolors on xerograph), Helium Brick

a man strangling his wife

Sarah Cain, (above/below) As You Continue to Walk Forward

Mary Weatherford, (above, below) green cave, white cave

museum guards ;)

Jordon Kantor, (above) Untitled (oil on canvas)

Justin Beal, (entire room) There Is Work to Be Done

Edgar Arceneaux, (above) An Arrangement without Tormentors

Rodney McMillian, (above/below)

Erika Vogt, (above) Action Unrestricted

Jebediah Caesar, (above) bright hot day long dark night

Kara Tanaka, (above/below) Crushed by the Hammer of the Sun

Morgan Fisher, (above) Self-Portrait (January 2002; height 6'41/2, weight 188 pounds = body surface area 3,355.75 square inches)

Evan Holloway, (above)

Marco Rios, (above) Vanishing Intent

William Leavitt, (above) Gothic Curtain

Andrea Bowers, (above) An Act of Radical Hospitality /// Julio Cesar Morales, (above) Interrupted Passage

Andrea Bowers, (above) El Numero de las Casa Blanca, Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Drawing

Andrea Bowers, (above) Sanctuary /// Tony Labat (above)

Daniel Joseph Martinez, Call Me Ishmael; or, The Fully Enlightened Earth Radiates Disaster Triumphant (this live robotic sculpture has his protest-like tantrum on the hour - the piece is worth the drive to the museum completely! eyeballs and everything move in the most creepy way and viewers are invited to come right up on the stage to see and feel the tremors)

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