behind the scenes with Cindy

TimeOutNY: You switched over to a digital process for your last series of works, self-portraits dressed as different clowns, which was shown in 2004.What was that like for you? Initially, when I was doing the clowns, I barely knew how to use Photoshop. It’s a whole other learning process of “How do I do this and still make it look like a photograph, but not really?” The process of shooting digitally completely changed my way of working, because I can just see things instantly on the computer. In the past, I would shoot, like, one or two rolls of film, and then have to take off the makeup and the wig and the costume, and bring the film to the lab, and then wait, like, two or three hours, pick up the film, and then sometimes I’d have to reshoot everything! It’s totally changed stuff. I mean, one unfortunate side effect is that I tend to work really late into the night because I just keep going, I’ve come so far and I am so close! And so I’ll just keep shooting and shooting. But it’s really fun; I love it. more here

I find it fun to picture Cindy trying to learn Photoshop and digital photography in '04! I am not dissing the lady...it just paints a silly portrait, no pun intended.

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