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Interactive Lecture Series by OJO @ MOCA LA


Interactive Lecture Series by OJO: #3 Science Fictions
OJO Founded in 2005 by visual artists Joshua Aster, Justin Cole, Eamon Ore-Giron, Chris Avitabile, Moises Medina, and Brenna Youngblood, OJO is formed around a mutual interest in experimenting with acoustic guitars, electronics, musical spontaneity, freeform improvisation, and the boundaries between audience and performer. The group uses a wide range of instruments—drum machines, basses, guitars, synthesizers, salt, cars—as well as their own bodies and those of their audience, clapping, chanting, stomping, and singing to generate sprawling improvisations.


Interactive Lecture Series by OJO @ MOCA LA (more coming)


Here is just one of the short video excerpts I took while at the OJO Science Fiction (9:30-10pm) performance/screening at MOCA tonight. More pics and video excerpts to come!


art and fashion sitting in a tree...

pics: contemporary art daily

Hey I found this interview interesting, you should too:

Maison Martin Margiela By Joseph Kosuth Studio

Go to TRYHARDERPANTS for the MMM reference pics


Artlog interviews Terence Koh

What brought you to art or what brought art to you?

Koh: one is born an artist. whether you choose to accept this path of torture is completely up to yourself. the path of an artist is pure torture because you have complete freedom. its not limited by the constraints of the body like dance or fashion, the barrier of language in poetry. art is infinite. and i am a universe unto myself.

interview: artlog, photo: asianpunkboy


Did anyone else catch that ArtReview interview with jesus?

pretty funny stuff. I didn't know that art mags had a sense of humor! (AR is one of my favorites though)
view issue online HERE