UCLA MFA 2009 Exhibition

Anne McCaddon

Katie Aliprando

Isaac Resnikoff

(right) Michael van Straaten

Camilo Ontiveros

Maegan Hill-Carroll /// Whitney Hubbs

Asha Schechter

RJ Messineo

Michael Dopp

Olga Balema

Jennifer Gradecki

Erica Love

Mitsuko Ikeno



Anonymous said...

i had no idea Christo and the ghost of Gordon Matta-Clark were in grad school, regurgitating their youth.....do you guys do séances to summon the ghosts of artist's past?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol, yeah it seems these kids are copying what is alredy done. I wonder what's all the hype about?

Anonymous said...

You meant, what has "alreAdy been" done.

You could try and enjoy yourself or the work. You could dump all over it. You could be jealous. You could always stay home and work on your typing skills instead of seeing what the kids are up to. You could make your own hype.

Must it be original, or authentic?

"None of us can ever retrieve that innocence before all theory when art knew no need to justify itself, when one did not ask of a work of art what it said because one knew (or thought one knew) what it did. From now to the end of consciousness, we are stuck with the task of defending art".
-Susan Sontag, Against Interpretation