John Dempcy, Kathleen Waterloo and Hyunmee Lee @ JK Gallery


John Dempcy, Kathleen Waterloo and Hyunmee Lee
May 16- June 27, 2009
JK Gallery

T8 @ de Soto


May 23 - June 27, 2009
de Soto Gallery


the white house is updating to modern[art]times (well, sorta, that means art 25 years old)

"...The Obamas are sending ripples through the art world as they put the call out to museums, galleries and private collectors that they’d like to borrow modern art by African-American, Asian, Hispanic and female artists for the White House. In a sharp departure from the 19th-century still lifes, pastorals and portraits that dominate the White House’s public rooms, they are choosing bold, abstract art works....
The museum also sent over New York artist Glenn Ligon’s 'Black Like Me,' a stenciled work about the segregated South, among others that the Obamas are still considering, according to a White House spokeswoman...
Potential additions to the permanent collection must be at least 25 years old, and the White House does not typically accept pieces by living artists for its collection, because inclusion could impact an artist’s market value. As a result, there aren’t many modern art choices in the collection, Mr. Allman says..." Changing the Art on the White House Walls, WSJ

Disparate Elements @ Circus Gallery Project Space (part I)


Disparate Elements
PR: Brings together ten artists who are bringing collage into new exciting places.

Steve Bankhead
Jesse Benson
Marc Horowitz
Dawn Kasper
Daniel Newman
Bret Nicely
Margie Schnibbe
Michael Smoler
Coco Yates

May 23 - June 27
(Circus Gallery Project Space)
Circus Gallery

First Look: An Exhibition of Emerging Artists from Los Angeles Galleries @ House of Campari


First Look: An Exhibition of Emerging Artists from Los Angeles Galleries

Juka Araikawa
Justin Beal
Matt Chambers
Cal Crawford
Noah Davis
Alejandro Diaz
Angela Dufresne
Brad Eberhard
Luis Gispert
Jonathan Hernandez
Elad Lassry
Gonzalo Lebrija
Mellisa Manfull
My Barbarian
Eamon Ore-Giron
Adrian Paules
Lisi Raskin
Noah Sheldon
Simmons & Burke
Agathe Snow
Mateo Tannatt
Mickalene Thomas
Kaari Upson
Jeffrey Wells

May 30th - June 14th
House of Campari (all art labeled online @ site)