MOCA FRESH Auction Preview /// Part II

T. Kelly Mason (above, the chain is heavier)

Jeff Gillette (above, cartoony), Naomi Harris (above, nude)
Brendan Lott (above, woman yelling)

Lou Laurita (above, take that spoon)

Paul Paiement (above)

Scoli Acosta (above)

John Andolsek (diamond), Roger Herman (van gogh portrait), Aaron GM (hotel green face)

TOFER Chin (above left, green), Allison Schulnik (above right)

Florian Morlat (above, double hair)

Bob VanBreda (above)

Miho Hagino (above)

Christopher Mercier (above right)

Allen Ruppersberg (above, why is everything the same)

Rodney McMillian (above, free beans), Kim McCarty (above, nude women)

May Sun (above, wood)
Richard James (above)

Jennifer Steinkamp (above)

Kim Abeles (above right)

David Hendren (above left, gadget), Leora Lutz (above left, grid) Jay Heikes (above right)

Joshua Smith (above, green canvas), Robert Levine (above, rings of colors), Jimi Gleason (above, under color rings)

Cristy Thom (above, woman smudging)

Zachary Stadel (above)

Matt Connors (above)

Robert Rauschenberg (above left), Richard Hawkins (right, feather painting), David Schafer (right, yellow)


*Note: parenthetical descriptions below photos are for visual reference, they are not the works' actual titles. check online auction catalog for those (link below).

MOCA FRESH Silent Auction

See all art auction works and opening bids here: Online Catalogue


The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013
TICKET INFO 213/633-5381
AUCTION INFO 213/621-1778

TRYHARDER's auction preview coverage Part I HERE


jayme said...

i'll be there.

Clay said...

Do you have a shot of the Douglas Aitken piece? Thank

tryharder said...

sorry clay - nope.

Clay said...

Oh, no problem. Do you remember the size though? Because I have no idea what 11, 69 x 16, 54 in. measures. Like, what is up with the commas?

tryharder said...

heard from moca:
"The commas are typos. They should be periods!"

Anonymous said...

commas instead of periods, must be «european» thing