Rock and Elegance ????? yeah, I added those ?????, maybe it should be more like this ?!?!?!


Rock and Elegance
May 8, 2009 - Saturday, June 13, 2009
George Billis Gallery
"George Bills Gallery LA is pleased to present Rock & Elegance, our first group exhibition curated by new director, Hillary Metz..." I am frightened of what's to come. That said, I enjoyed the people watching, so it wasn't all for not.

I will leave you with this beautiful line from the press release:

"There is an opportunity to experience a more genuine world—and, perhaps, if you’re willing, hear the low moan and bright chirps of planet Earth."

Yeah, I think I hear that low moan...it is from throwing up.


Anonymous said...

plainly embarrassing.

the writing and punctuation in the press release is astounding. it makes absolutely no sense.

the title - oh man. unforgivable.

that gallery has always been a little sad, but now this director has taken it to a whole new level of horrible.

jim k. said...

omg ... so bad!

Joe said...

I liked the works by Irina Alimanestianu. also my favorite line: "Timothy Nero’s work is an alluring jambalaya."