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don't worry i am also scratching my head, did anything stand out at the CAA MFA exhibition at USC last night?...tons to come my art buddies.



Bill McMullen @ The Constant Gallery

Bill McMullen - Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off
The Constant Gallery

I think that's it for last weekend's big night of openings, phewww....and just in time for this weekend! Not as many, but there is the CAA/USC opening today (friday) and I recommend Circus on saturday - I know a great NY/Yale artist in the bunch.



crappy pictures crappy show

i love to drink coffee and hate art

...or perfect for that newly graduated MFA student who is still working at Subway. curse the ad inventor for the 5.......5 dollar footlong!

John Bankston & Greg Mocilnikar @ Walter Maciel Gallery

John Bankston - Imaginary Friends
21 February - 28 March 2009

Greg Mocilnikar - In Spite of Ourselves
21 February - 28 March 2009

Walter Maciel Gallery



lectures are fun: ALOUD series

Lawrence Weschler (right) - Between Fountainheads - In conversation with John Walsh (left), Getty Museum Director Emeritus
"New Yorker veteran Weschler discusses what it has been like, the past several decades, to be serving as Boswell to two seemingly opposite giants of the contemporary art scene, Robert Irwin and David Hockney."

Irwin and Hockney both believe that they are "taking cubism to heart" and are in "intellectual conflict" with one another.
The reduction of art becomes life and human perception.


Keeping Time @ JK Gallery

Keeping Time - curated by Rebecca Davis
Brian Belott, Peter Pezzimenti, Stosh Tokarski
February 21 – March 28, 2009
JK Gallery

TRYHARDER in Culture Monster/LA Times

Big thanks to Christopher Knight, of the LA Times, for adding TRYHARDER to his art blogroll favorites!

.....hmmmm could I be the smart snark or sociability...I'll take it!

I still enjoyed this review too. ha