lectures are fun: ALOUD series

Lawrence Weschler (right) - Between Fountainheads - In conversation with John Walsh (left), Getty Museum Director Emeritus
"New Yorker veteran Weschler discusses what it has been like, the past several decades, to be serving as Boswell to two seemingly opposite giants of the contemporary art scene, Robert Irwin and David Hockney."

Irwin and Hockney both believe that they are "taking cubism to heart" and are in "intellectual conflict" with one another.
The reduction of art becomes life and human perception.



Johanna Reed said...

Two recent events now I've been at and thought vaguely to myself, "I bet tryharder is here." I try to intuit what you look like. At Weschler last night, there was a large man with a very large beard who laughed at all the ironic moments. Is that you?

tryharder said...

i was the mime in the back row. did you see when i covered my nose like something smelled? then i mimed laughter.

Johanna Reed said...

Ah, I will hold this in mind next time I'm out and about. I'm the bunhead. Maybe we'll have a moment.