Arsen Roje @ Peres Projects (Culver)

Arsen Roje - Body Parts

quick background: Arsen from what i can tell existed in a fairly different art market than the typical Peres artist. it always draws an eyebrow (for me) when artwork comes up on Art Brokerage's site. hmmm. Arsen, a recently deceased Croat, lived in LA at the end of his life making these last finger paintings.
fun fact: Arsen is also known for "the now-famous poster image for the 1970 film M*A*S*H shows Roje's own hand flashing a peace sign while wearing an army helmet and standing on high-heeled legs".
so what is Peres' connection to this artist? haven't figured that one out yet but i can only assume Peres likes body parts.

February 14 - March 21, 2009
Peres Projects
LA - Culver City (their new location)

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bernie said...

what is peres thinking? this show is a terrible fit...and just plain terrible. weren't the LA art fairs last month? i dunno about you guys, but it seems to me that peres' program is slipping lately, on both sides of the pond. here's hoping the gallery takes a hint from Stella...and gets its groove back!