artist of 11:42 PM: Joel Kyack

joel kyack

artist of 6:57PM: Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson

artist of 6:46 PM: Patrick Jackson

patrick jackson blog

artist of 6:42 PM: Justin Beal

justin beal

artist of 2:29 PM: Nicholas Fraser

read this from artist website (he tricked me. awesome) :

For Immediate Release:

Nicholas Fraser

In an ongoing project
Nicholas Fraser plants altered press releases in galleries throughout New York. Each press release is identical to those currently available in the respective galleries with several critical alterations: Fraser replaces the artist's name and any website information with his own name and website.

Each release is meticulously manipulated, using digital means or old-fashioned cut-and-paste methods. All biographical information, exhibition history or copy about the show itself is left intact, although the occasional typo is corrected. Placement of the bogus releases is done en masse and confined within a small geographical area in order to maximize the possibility that a gallery visitor will encounter several at different venues within a short period.

For more information or to see samples of the press releases, visit www.NicholasFraser.com

artist of 12:51 AM: Peter K. Koch

Peter K. Koch




michael asher
no title, 1966
heat formed Plexiglas

meg cranston
dog eating broccoli, 1989
oil on canvas

sam durant
abandoned house # 3, 1995
mixed media

martin kersels
raindrum, bat flap, breather, 1999

chris burden
exposing the foundation of the musuem, 1986/2008

charles ray
rotating circle, 1988
electric motor with 9 in. diameter disc

jorge pardo and jason rhoades
ranch, 1996
mixed media, editon of 10

artist of 3:38 PM: Hannes Schmidt

Hannes Schmidt’s installations often present objects of utility in precarious ways:
frames, mat-boards, drawings, trash bags and suit jackets that are propped against
the wall using thin wood strips; glass picture frames are cut so they appear to be
sinking under the floor; found structural materials are arranged carefully but look
destitute; print media and office supplies are stacked, marked, eroded, cut. He
contrasts sculpture arrangements with photography and print imagery of persons
and man-made structures that are enigmatic: the black and gray imagery is deadpan,
yet is filled with macabre associations. The compiled effect is a perfect aesthetic
arrangement that is haunted by lingering structural collapse. Perhaps the artist
describes it best: “things falling apart into place.” courtesy of dumbo arts center

artist of 2:00 PM: Julien Collieux

julien collieux

artist of 1:56 PM: Walead Beshty

walead beshty:
nice and fit

artist of 11:57 AM: Torben Ribe

Torben Ribe

artist of 11:46 AM: Alana Celii

alana celii


Samer Barkaoui: Mahrem - Footnotes on Veiling

Samer Barkaoui
Video 40 sec, loop
1973 Syria.
Lives in Damascus, Syria.

The most comical and at the same time most memorable work is, however, Samer Barkaoui’s modestly understated short little film. Three completely veiled teen-agers take turns photographing each other in pairs. We can only see two cone-shaped figures in the camera’s display window and yet we know that we are dealing with young girls from their giggling laughter and their delicate fluttering about. We can see them, even though they are hidden. All this comedy seeks to provoke: in Istanbul, where the Mahrem exhibition was previously shown, a proudly religious woman painter was inspired by it enough to found the initiative for a "Head-scarf Biennial." universes-in-universe.org