artist of 2:29 PM: Nicholas Fraser

read this from artist website (he tricked me. awesome) :

For Immediate Release:

Nicholas Fraser

In an ongoing project
Nicholas Fraser plants altered press releases in galleries throughout New York. Each press release is identical to those currently available in the respective galleries with several critical alterations: Fraser replaces the artist's name and any website information with his own name and website.

Each release is meticulously manipulated, using digital means or old-fashioned cut-and-paste methods. All biographical information, exhibition history or copy about the show itself is left intact, although the occasional typo is corrected. Placement of the bogus releases is done en masse and confined within a small geographical area in order to maximize the possibility that a gallery visitor will encounter several at different venues within a short period.

For more information or to see samples of the press releases, visit www.NicholasFraser.com

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