here we go: on the blog road again

ten months pass.

so here i am. now in LA. far from detroit. further from berlin and the rest of the world. i have given this blog a great deal of thought of what it should and can be. now everyone has a blog. so i won't waste your time. simple as that. this is my curation of art and fashion and if i am lucky it will be funny too. a little more me. a little more global. and a lot less junk. welcome back.

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1 comment:

art a la mode said...

you're so awesome seriously!!

i can't keep a blog, ughh.. but im trying..

see, i promised i would be out the door before noon.. and i won't be.. im glued to your blog :)

guess, i'am a part blogger.. being glued to a computer... check! next step is the hardest one.. WRITE!

love what you do and your blog!!