i would like to see this show

Andrew Thomas Regal Tosiello
Extorsion, Shylock, and Payoff
9" x 12" ea.
Engraved Plastic

and his artist statement is pretty great:

The Mafia is largely both the subject and the strategy of my art. To make silhouette portraits of mobsters I act as a thief and a fence. I steal images from books and the Internet and offer them for purchase. I ran an illegal lottery because making, selling and buying art is a gamble. I observe myself as I try to form relationships with curators, dealers and established artists, hoping to climb the ladder of success; just like a young punk trying to ascend the hierarchy of the mob —from wannabe to boss.

I don’t have a great problem with the Mafia, however I don’t laud it, either. I understand the art world in the same way.

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