It is smells of smoke in downtown LA (even inside)!: Los Angeles Wild Fires

Welcome to LA! The smell of BBQ has worsened in the last few hours. Downtown is the most smokey compared to Chinatown or obviously (westside) Culver, which I just arrived home from (art) openings. I am inside my downtown space and my eyes are burning. Even the thug bars are deserted tonight in the vicinity - looks like the locals don't like god's natural cigarette smell. The fires are still about 38 miles away but you can see the heaviness in the air. Very crazy for my first LA wild fire season. Mind you, I also weathered an earthquake a few months ago too. Oh, and by the way, the local news (all stations) have not cut to commercials in the last 27 hours - all fire - all the time..."we can't give you the 'live' news (eastcoast feed) but we will show you all the live westcoast news you can get" :)

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