let's all go to berlin: Amie Dicke//Passive Drifter

Shell- Plaster, acrylic paint // Kruis III - Stockings, pins, unique frame

Inhale I - Burnt polyester sheet // Fade - Cardboard, silk

man...wish I could be there! during my time in berlin, peres always put on a great show and had a packed, vibrant crowd. just from looking online, i enjoy the stocking drawings and Fade, but that might be because I have a fancy for things that aren't what they seem but not in an obvious way. just in a delicate and sometimes carefully designed and humorous way. the show as a whole really compliments each piece individually. it sort of looks like those tightly curated group shows of objects that come together to tell a story, but by different artists. I think I am ready to become a *drifter* again!

pics via peres projects

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