accident waiting to happen // Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Alejandro Almanza Pereda - THE FAN AND THE SHIT @ Magnan Projects

Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child, 2008. Fluorescent light bulbs, bowling balls.

left: Rock Paper Scissors , 2008. Glass, cinderblocks, paper lanterns, axes, bonsai trees, cardboard boxes, bricks, confetti, concrete, diamond, book, nail clipper, shears, plastic cutlery, coal, money, paper bag....
right:It's for your own safety, 2008. Chandelier, velvet rope and crowd control poles.

The Remains... just empty cups & Oil & Lamp, 2008. Fish tanks, table, water, wine glasses, tray, table top, air, night stand, lamp, vase, oil..

FROM PRESS RELEASE: For Magnan Projects, the artist stacked glass cubes atop one another in presentation-like cases RPS (you might kick my ass but that feeble adversary behind you will kick yours). The materials seem an uncharacteristically pristine choice in their fragility and strength, value and purpose. Each case displays one of three objects representing Rock, Paper and Scissors - a humorous twist on the child's game. Although “static” they are concerned with the fragile nature of placing objects in glass encasements in potentially precarious situations. Conversely, the installation is “…almost like a still life, something captured in time. People attend to shows where there is danger involved, like the circus or the bullfights. I think the spectator deeply wants to see an accident.”

older works...but still some goodies

Concrete Blocks, 2006. Cement blocks, light bulbs, electrical cables.

Untitled (Piscina), 2006. Inflatable pool, water, light bulbs, electric fan, carpet, cable.

Looks like a great show....check it out if you are in the city!

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