Melinda Ring/Jennifer Nelson: for the birds @ The Box

Melinda Ring/Jennifer Nelson
for the birds
PR: The Box is pleased to present the first collaborative work of choreographer Melinda Ring and artist Jennifer Nelson. The artists will attempt with all sincerity, to create art and choreography that is “for the birds.” Twenty-one birds will be living together with the artists in the gallery for a twenty-one day exhibition. Twenty-one days for twenty-one birds. This project developed through a year-long conversation via instant messaging between NYC and Athens, Greece. The artists decided to explore the possibilities of artistic inter-species communication with creatures having different systems of perception, social organization, and narrative...
The Box Gallery
January 18 - February 7, 2009
Closing Reception: February 7th 3–6 pm
Daily Feedings: 1:30 pm (wed – sat)

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