artist of 4:08 PM: Louise Lawler

pics from: Louise Lawler: Sucked In, Blown Out, Obviously Indebted or One Foot in Front of the Other, 2008 Metro Pictures

and something to chew on:

"...Lawler's literalization and reversal of presentational positions was also apparent in the first room of her 1982 exhibition at Metro Pictures in New York, where she presented an 'arrangement' of works by gallery artists (Sherman, Simmons, Welling, Goldstein, Longo). Despite its somewhat unconventional hanging, Lawler's 'arrangement' might have been mistaken for another anonymous group show of the Metro stable. But upon realizing (or remembering) that this was a 'one-woman' show, viewers were confronted with a ambiguity of occupation, a shift in position that illuminated the role of the often unnamed 'arrangers' in the exhibition and exchange of art...her 'arrangement' was for sale at the combined price of all the individual works plus 10 percent for Lawler (the fee customarily charged by art consultants)..." Museum Highlights: The Writings of Andrea Fraser

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