Joe Bradley: Like A Turkey Thru Corn @ Peres Projects LA

(above Javier Peres)

Peres Projects
Los Angeles - Culver City

"...Bradley drafts many versions of each gesture before hitting the finished note on raw canvas, as if to imply that automatic writing can be made repetitive (picture a grade school notebook cover) and, as such, eventually reveals potent mutations: slang for heroine (Super Schmagoo), a faceless mouth, the Jesus fish who swims downstream. Perhaps as Jungian children, we've been inbred by appropriation and pop overexposure. Bradley titles the show after late Houston blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins' 1959 tune of a similar name. Hopkins sings about fleeing through the corn fields like a turkey in pajamas: 'Just had to get away from there!' Bradley's work shares this kind of endearing resolution of a fix..."
pretty much the same thing as at Canada Gallery, but looking closer the only repeat is the "S" painting. i really want to hate them but i can't. i enjoy the gutsy departure from his color-stacked-box-men. regardless of his new ideas, i am still a sucker for sketch book quality doodles in charcoal/grease/pencil on raw canvas. as for the new peres projects location, javier you are still 1/1 for me!


Anonymous said...

are you kidding me?

not getting this work at allll.....

Anonymous said...

You have a gallery show and all you deliver is lame and boring. Shame on you.