this just in...shepard fairey is taking your surfin requests and making more money in the process

I wonder what shepard fairey thinks of shepard fairey these days? well, who cares when LA/america is eating you up!

shepard fairy dj'ing outside Robert Berman. more artiness to come - can't promise that it won't make your stomach feel queasy.



Anonymous said...

i certainly HOPE that he doesn't think his art is PROGRESSing. it's definitely time for a CHANGE away from LA's boring love for design/street art. I know you feel me, TRYHARDER!

nice blog, btw. sorry that most of LA's art scene doesn't deserve your hard work.

PBW said...

Fairey has is a hypocrite who has become part of the same corporate industry he claims to fight against, Read this article of him picking on a little baby: