it's herrrrrreeeee....

from ARTNET:
Performance art has definitely entered its 2.0 phase. Facebook, the increasingly popular online social-networking tool, is now the site for a day-long online performance by Boston artist Rachel Perry Welty. Called Rachel Is, the performance takes place via Facebook’s signature "status bar," which Facebook users routinely fill in to mark their mood, activity or general presence. Welty promises to update her status every minute for about 16 hours, from the time she gets up in the morning till she goes to sleep at night. "My hope is to raise questions about narcissism, voyeurism, privacy, identity and authority in a technological world," she writes. To view the performance, however, computer-savvy art-lovers have to join Facebook and request to become one of Welty’s friends -- which suggests that at least part of the artist’s activities will be Facebook "housekeeping."


Chris said...

That's kinda already been done by all my old high school friends who can't leave FB alone.

And no questions were raised other than "do they do anything other than FB?"

kayte said...

if I see one more idiotic community art space/gallery director plan or curate a "painting in the age of Facebook"-type show into their program, I will scream. And I mean, like, Death Metal-style. Very guttural. Very LOUD.