CAA Los Angeles MFA Exhibition @ USC Part II

CAA Los Angeles MFA Exhibition


David Brokaw, M. Neil Sharum (Cal State Fullerton)
Dong Hoon Jun, Morgan Wells (UC Irvine)
Carol Reynolds, Francoise Studer (Cal State L.A.)
Matthew Ashjian, Christina Pierson (Claremont)
Kristen Foster, Ana Rodriguez (Otis)
Blake Besharian, Christina Ondrus, Clarissa Tossin, Michiko Yao (CalArts)
Matthew Grover, Greg MacLaughlin (Art Center)
Olga Balema, Matthias Hess, Job Piston (UCLA)
Camilo Cruz, Andre Woodward (Cal State Long Beach)
Lee Choo, Benjamin Keirn (Cal State Northridge)
Amanda R. Harrison, Carolyn Robles (Laguna College of Art and Design)
Susannah Bielak, James Enos (UCSD)
Alia Malley, Alison Walker (UC Riverside)
Emily Mast, Nicole Miller, Dianna Molzan (USC)
Calico Brown, Alejandro Castaño Isaza (UC Santa Barbara)



Lucrecia said...

UGH, this is bad....I'm sorry I even went to this one!

jen k. said...

ouch, who is curating these terrible SoCal MFA group shows? they should look to the pretty decent lemonade out of near-total lemons that Machine Project somehow pulled off with that recent UCLA BFA show for guidance.

Anonymous said...

the show was good. Alex Klein is an incredibly intelligent and capable curator/artist. Its the space in the second exhibition that did the work injustice.