Michael Hayden: Flirting with Immersion @ USC Roski MFA Gallery

floor sculpture above/below right: Glacial Drift, 2009

installation/sculpture above/below: Graft, 2008-2009

plant sculpture above: Greeter, 2009

painting above: Draft, 2008

floor piece above/below: Flirting with Immersion, 2009

fish tank above/below: Lungfish/Goldfish, 2009

wall painting above/below: The Road to Extinction, 2008-2009


MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Michael Hayden: Flirting with Immersion
April 15 - April 18, 2009
Gayle & Ed Roski MFA Gallery

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ham said...

nice pics. now i wish i could have seen this show. why must roski's runs be sooooooo short?