can't a farming college get an art break?

Construction of Eli Broad's new museum in Michigan pushed back

I didn't know that MSU's art program could tell the difference between a tube of paint and a beer can? (just a little Michigan college humor, kids)

Broad went to MSU for undergrad; I did not know that, seeing as his name is plastered everywhere here in LA. Can't MI suck a little more arts money from him? Come on MI, put on a little more lipstick and hike that skirt up, now that the State ain't taking you out for corndogs anymore.

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Air Purifiers said...

Lol, well I don't know much about MSU. But I remember going to a thespian conference at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and they had outdoor art sculptures everywhere. Turned out they didn't just have a good theater scene, but a big art scene as well!