Jeff Jamieson @ David Patton Los Angeles


Jeff Jamieson: Sculpture

"...he (Jamieson) worked as an assistant to Donald Judd from 1989 to 1994...He was the fabricator of Donald Judd’s furniture from 1989 until the summer of 2006, additionally, Jamieson has also fabricated furniture for the Josef & Anni Alber’s foundation. Jamieson has for many years, and still continues, to work very closely with the Chinati Foundation, most recently putting the final touches on a three year project that culminated with the presentation of a new, permanent, large scrim work by Robert Irwin, that was unveiled at the Chinati Open House in October, 2006..."

April 25th - May 30th, 2009
David Patton Los Angeles


jim said...

i'm kinda liking this, i think? the judd stuff is obvious, but perhaps unimportant in forming an evaluation of the work? anyone?

kate said...

i agree. i thought this show was decent for what it was. but it did feel slightly one-trick and dated.

Joe said...

fun!! Judd influence completely surface, there is absurdity in human interaction here that Judd never had. and movement.