peres projects has moved to the burbs

source Culver Peres above

Well, not really, but they are soon to completely close their Chinatown location and fully settle in to their new spot where the traffic and money flows (or at least still gets attention despite this art market dip): the Culver art district. This is an easily foreseen move for the gallery and should pay off for Peres, but it does pose an interesting question to the remaining galleries of Chinatown.

The move, good for Peres might ultimately be bad news for the rest. Peres, a global gallery star with another prized location in Berlin, carries heavy cred within the Chinatown community. This could mean less draw to Chinatown to see/purchase art or just add to the fading confidence in the gallery longevidy within the fickle district. (More examples of galleries coming and going HERE). Chinatown, less shmoozy and more home to an art-grady crowd, probably could be comparied to NY's lower east side/Bowery part of town. I personally would have liked to have seen Peres stay in Chinatown because it feels an appropriate parring with their edgy/underground/street roots but others, like newish the the block, Sister Gallery can now step up and inherit big "sister" status.

source Chinatown Peres above

Please come visit us for our last exhibition in Chinatown:
"Sack of Bones"
Group Exhibition
Curated by Blair Taylor and Ellen Langan
November 20 - December 20, 2008

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