2010 whitney biennial curators announced

NYT: "...museum has paired Francesco Bonami, 53, a seasoned Italian-born curator with an international reputation, and Gary Carrion-Murayari, 28, a homegrown senior curatorial assistant. Mr. Bonami will serve as curator for the Biennial, with Mr. Carrion-Murayari acting as associate curator..."
TRY: ok, this sounds fine.
NYT: "I want to stretch the building’s dimensions,' Mr. Bonami said. 'Sometimes Biennials go all over the place. This one will be more specific."
TRY: alright, one place, that's all fine too but let's chalk this one up to the economy.
NYT: "...But now my challenge is to reflect on the idea of Americanness (said Bonami)...Mr. Carrion-Murayari said the notion of globalism, which was important in past Biennials, feels dated..."
TRY: hmmm, Americanness, why is it that Jon Stewart's impression of George Bush saying "america" is now running in my head. also, if Shepard Fairy makes it in, I am going to scream!
NYT: "The two men also said they were considering weaving works from the Whitney’s holdings into the Biennial, which would be a departure..."
TRY: terrible, just terrible. don't they understand the point of the biennial? sounds like a jay leno move.
source: nytimes, pics: TRYHARDER


Chris Conroe said...

I think that the thematic challenge of "americaness" is rather profound. That cliche of bush images really is an irrational jump to conclusions, with no poetic nor socially redemptive factor to it at all.
Such an expression is a cynically figurative cop-out for saying all Americans care about is "political issues," when this is obviously not the case. It deprives the artist of there creative process, and pigeon holes the "paradigm" into a rigidly trivial form of humor-indeed.
There are so many creative ways to interpret such a "-ness" and continue to elucidate the truth from its mysterious hold on the unknown. This is part of the role of art, to take all of us out of the common ordinary mundane and there corresponding cliche's of how we look at ideas, images, and objects, and place them into a new light of circulating inter subjective truth-objective open societies. It is how we make progress, and learn new things in a dynamic world of free inquiry rather than a dogmatic one of authoritarianism. It takes true courage to live free. How would you look at the definition of Americanisms "creatively"?

Anonymous said...

Stuff from the collection... Humm that way Bonami can get all his old 80's friends in there A. Bickerton, C. Wool etc. ?