artful cheer

What to get that arty friend - nothing says xmas like towels, I say. The collector will keep it in the bag untouched conserving value, the basic-level artful person will use it at the beach to impress his/her less than artistic-understanding-beer-chugging friends and the artist will either hang it on the wall or use to mop up spilled paints. Either way, you look good and they are happy for not getting a fruitcake. Oh, and while you're at it buy yourself the Minter tree, nothing says conceptual xmas like a wall decal - I advise scotch taping tinsel on the wall and hanging one strand of lights off to the side coming from the ceiling - voilĂ , tryharder just made you a Stockholder :)

MARILYN MINTER: full tree kit - $100
Elizabeth Peyton Towel - $50
Jeff Koons Towel - $50
all available at worksonwhatever.com

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