the idiot's guide to start a gallery: step one - marry rich

Edward Winkleman has a book coming out (Amazon July 2009):

How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery

"...Mr. Crawford assured me that the book will be marketed with a shelf-life in mind of about 10 years, and that in that context, now is actually a very good time to get such a book into the market, as now is when people who may want to open a gallery when the market turns up again should begin planning for it...I think there is plenty in it that could help artists wishing to work with a commercial gallery, collectors, and budding dealers. Much of it is based on interviews I conducted with experts in the gallery business and related fields, but much of it is also based on the very conversations we've had on this blog... As the market turns down, some galleries close, non-profit spaces see their budgets tightened, and exhibition opportunities in general become harder to find perhaps, now is the time to think past the recession in terms of where your career can go. That may mean scaling back on your studio expenses but taking advantage of how much nicer everyone becomes when times get tough to network more with curators, collectors and other artists..." edward winkleman

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C. L. DeMedeiros said...

I try hard "to think/not to think"
about those tough financial times

I've been very lucky with shows and stuff. But find "that" SO called Venue has been my via-crucis...

You blog is sensational