Julie Heffernan & Gavin Nolan @ Mark Moore Gallery



Main gallery -
Julie Heffernan: What Holds Up

Project room -
Gavin Nolan: Hexen Reflex

May 23 - July 3, 2009

Mark Moore Gallery


Anonymous said...

jesus can we not use some common sense and NOT post terrible art?! I know its LA but come on!

Anonymous said...

damn bitch. if you dont like it start your own blog. nonetheless - you are correct. terrible.

Joe said...

the heffernan works are shite? if she finished her yale MFA twenty years later would you like it better? Maybe she should flip them around, randomly spraypaint them construction orange and lean them against the wall?

Anonymous said...

R u guys on drugs? I have seen alot worse art than this, in fact i think this is pretty dam good. U guys obviously dont know anything about art, full stop.