BLOCK PARTY: a one night tour of apartment exhibitions in Highland Park

922 Nolden
TAPHOMANCY Curated by Kiki Johnson from Artist Curated Projects
Taphomancy is a divination method using graves or tombstones to discern patterns in events in order to predict the future.
Aimée Brown, Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg, Elisa Maria Lopez, and Christina Ondrus


722 Aldama Terrace
APARTMENT SHOW Curated by Kate Hillseth from Young Art


206 N. Avenue 54
DUPLEX Curated by Daniel Ingroff and Paul Pescador; videos curated by Graham Kolbeins
Alison O’Daniel, Julia Sherman and Summer Shiffman.
Working in sculpture and photography, the work of these three artists occupies shared domestic space, and hints at notions of duality.

pics above:tryharder

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