TRYHARDER camera-drive

This brings me to a good time to mention that my camera is dying. TRYHARDER prides itself on nice, big, juicy pics of LA art openings but my digital camera—whose working life has spanned documenting the detroit art scene, europe, the middle east, berlin's art scene and now onto LA—is on its last legs. It has seen a lot of action during these 4 1/2 years of dedicated art blogging!

So, I've decided to up your viewing pleasure, and to continue the best LA art coverage, I am adding a donate button to raise funds to help with the cost of a new camera. The goal is ~ $500, which is only 17 people donating 30 bucks each! Every donation at that level ($30) or more will receive a limited edition TRYHARDER T-shirt.

I'll continue on with the current camera until this fundraiser is successful. But once the funds are raised, get ready for vastly improved pics! If you can help out, thank you!

**if you live abroad, 40 bucks or more gets you the T-shirt...did i mention they are all artist-made, think conceptual-wearable-art...sounds like fun to me!

(button to the right)

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