Children of the Revolution @ Federal Art Project

Lena, Sculpture Ballet

Tim Sullivan, Interpretative Dances in the Dark

Tim Sullivan , untitled and The Headshot

Brian Wasson, Coke

Linze Luna, untitled and Jee Kim, untitled

James Bradley, Quote the Raven, "Remember, remember the 11th of September"

Jee Kim, untitled (above/below)

Luke Butler, Leader of Men 38: Reflection

Lena Daly, Illegal Rave (Always Happening)

Eric Gibbons, I Feel Heavy

Kelly Eginton, Green Ray and Lady Juice

Erin Allen, How to Break Up (oil on canvas)

Patrick Rock, Faye


Children of the Revolution
curator: Keith Boadwee
artists: Patrick Rock, Elisheva Biernoff, Luke Butler, Joshua Pieper, Linze Luna, Ryan Verzaal, Isaac Gray, Kelly Eginton, Lena Daly, James Bradley, Erin Allen, Calvin Trezise, Brice Bischoff, Jee Kim, Chris Hood , Tim Sullivan, and Brian Wasson.

“With Children of The Revolution I started thinking about this idea of education and teaching and “passing the torch.” I went to UCLA and studied with Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy, Charlie Ray and Roger Herman. I feel that they’ve all been very influential on my practice. I always think about that “brotherhood” and the responsibility of sharing the information. Like the SKULL AND BONES Society at Yale, that secret brotherhood that a lot of big time politicians have been a members of, I sort of think about this brotherhood as being akin to that. A secret society where we share and pass on information that manifests itself in our works but that the general public is not really privy too.”

Federal Art Project


jim k. said...

way better than i would have expected from downtown. thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

ive never been so glad to be a part of the general public. this is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Lena Daly is an up-and-coming global artist who distills humanity and color........and culture through her unique artistic talents. She's one to watch!