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That’s The Way I See Things
...work of three Los Angeles painters, Aska Iida, Comora Tolliver, and Constance Mallinson and the work of Philadelphia artist Jennifer Levonian.
January 9-30


jim said...

um, is that Annie Leibovitz?!?!?

seriously...is it?!?!?

Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

I am in love whit that white peacock piece.

Therapist New York said...

That piece with the peacock feathers is great, I actually have a ton of peacock feathers leftover from a special event I did with my friend and I haven't been sure what I want to do with them, but I love them so much I don't want to just throw them away!

Air Purifier said...

Whoa, that peacock picture is amazing. The eagle one too!