Art for Haiti


Art for Haiti

Justin Lieberman, Sayre Gomez, Brian Bress, Chris Churchill, Maha Saab, Michael Gregg Michaud, Yuval Pudik, Joe Yaeger, Jim Drain, Sage Vaughn, James Welling, David Hendren, Thaddeus Strode, Alika Cooper, Samantha Fields, Gustavo Godoy, Victoria Neel, Cameron Gray, Eric Yahnker, Lester Monzon, Marnie Weber, Jim Shaw, Marlene Carroll, Josh Atlas, Taidgh O'Neill, Stephen Floyd, Michael Dopp, Britton Tolliver, Samantha Magowan, Comora Tolliver, Kathy Rudin, Penelope Gottlieb, William Pope.L, TF Tolhurst, Maurizio DeMarfil, Analia Saban, Drew Heitzler, Justin Beal, Max Maslansky, Steven Hull, Angela Dufresne, and Ellwood T. Risk.

Zach Feuer Gallery, Kim Light/LightBox, Honor Fraser Gallery, Patrick Painter Inc, Ooga Booga, Kinkead Contemporary, Franklin Parrasch Gallery, Robert Berman Gallery, Marc Richards Gallery, Kopeikin Gallery, Cherry and Martin Gallery, and Thomas Solomon Gallery.

Bidding will start as low as $100. All funds raised will go directly to Red Cross and are 100% tax-deductible.

Tuesday, January 19th
7 - 9 pm

The Mandrake

2692 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Co-organized by:
Josh Atlas
Alex Couri

Additional Support from:
Emma Gray
Kim Light
Patrick Marcoux
Absolute Framemakers
Maloney Fine Art
The Mandrake



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Every why has a wherefore.........................................

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These arts are very interesting. To be honest I’m fascinated. It’s very attention grabbing.

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I was struck by the image with the lady with flowers on her head. It’s really very creepy the eyes look so real.

Backup Camera said...

I love the one titles "Borderline Horizon." This was on my birthday last year, wish I've been living here then, especially since I live off Cienega and Wilshire!

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Really like the piece with the birds on it.

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Some of this is pretty profound stuff, I really enjoy the physical art, like the house on the wall and the white object.

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That picture of the couple kissing is one of my favorites, yet kind of grosses me out, but it affects me regardless of how I feel about it, I love art that does that.

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What's with the picture of the butt? Haha, I know that's some crazy underwear- especially when you're wearing them on the outside of your pants, but I didn't need to see that!