Once Emerging, Now Emerging: Open Network @ Cirrus Gallery


Once Emerging, Now Emerging:
Open Network
March 10- May 5, 2012
cirrus gallery



that good exposure .. very striking .. very beautiful work ...
I really appreciate the art ..
greetings ....

Anonymous said...

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BDL Palash said...

This is a pretty neat project! I think my favorites are the first and
last one because they really captured the essence of the original. I know there's a project somewhere of an artist that did paintings that look just like photographs.
I'll try to find a link to share with you because that one was
pretty amazing too!

Pictures to paintings
photos to paintings
photo to painting
picture to painting
painting from photo

IT Support said...

The canvas paintings attract my attention the most and I see they received a lot of mention at the show, it support los angeles galleries that do similar shows. I enjoy that style

Brooke - juegos gratis said...

Besides the exhibition, the gallery, which displays the beautiful works of art, very new. I love it!

Holly said...
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Banners Portland said...

Thank you for providing such great info and service. More power to you!

chris ganser said...

Love the space as much as the artwork!