BEATEN OFF @ Control Room (part II of II)


Curated by: Andrew Cameron, William Kaminski, Lisa Madonna, and Evelena Ruether
Andrew Cameron
Zac Montanaro
Jonathan Fields
Evelena Ruether
William Kaminski
Sahil Shah
Lisa Madonna
Brandon Smith
Jake Michaels

August 21st - September 19th
Control Room


ding a lingo 1337. said...

i like the control sign outside. maybe cuz i like joy division. that brick wall piece of the blue 4 grid smear thing is yucky and so is that piece of wood plank thing-a-ma-jig. how many more wood planks do we have to see? the video looks perty kewl.

someone should also tell the curators/gallery that putting themselves in a show at their own gallery probably isn't a good idea. whats the saying? don't shit where you eat or sleep or something?

why is there all this boring NY conceptual/pack rat art in LA? shouldn't it be sexier than this?

me tired.

Anonymous said...

i think you misspelled your name is should be ding a ling 1337. enough said.

Anonymous said...

LOL i like lingo and ling!