UCLA MFA Open Studios: Part I

Yoonkyung Lim

Chadwick Rantanen

Katie Aliprando

Caitlin Lonegan

Jane Kaisen (in media room)

Sanya Kantarovsky

Dashiell Manley

media room


UCLA MFA Open Studios
Winter 2010
January 29 and 30, 2010


Anonymous said...

People kept saying that UCLA's open studios were better than USC's. Neither look particularly appetizing. I guess it's only winter quarter, but where's all the work?

Anonymous said...

everybody always says that...and then every year, they both pretty much suck.

Anonymous said...

haha its jan tumlir!

Anonymous said...

this is only about a quarter of the work that was there. Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Sanya Kantarovsky: GREAT WORK! !