HERE and NOW: ARTRA (Part I)



Lisa Adams, Peter Alexander, Daniel Aksten, Michael Arata, Dawn Arrowsmith, Kelly Barrie, Brian Bosworth, James Boulton, Justin Bower, Andy Brown, Dan Callis, Ryan Callis, York Chang, Allison Cortson, Joseph G. Cruz , David De Boer, Walpa D'Mark, Martin Durazo, McLean Fahnestock, Bill Farroux, Asad Faulwell, Roni Feldman, PJ Fidler, David French, JJ Garza, Kio Griffith, Sherin Guirguis, Mary Addison Hackett, Darren Hostetter, Aska Iida, Ichiro Irie, Kiel Johnson, Billy Kheel, Andy Kolar, Aitor Lajarin, Ivan Limas, Sandra Low, Maya Lujan, Keaton Macon, Jason Manley, Samuel Moyer, Tim Nolan, Brian O'Dell, Ruby Osario, Paul Paiement, Claudia Parducci, Josh Peters, Christina Pierson, Ian Pines, Ashley Poole, Max Presneill, Jason Ramos, Joe Reihsen, Roland Reiss, Julie Rofman, Michael Salerno, Jaime Scholnick, Sara Simon, Brad Spence, Alex Staiger, April Street, Nakhee Sung, Macha Suzuki, Chris Tallon, Britton Tolliver, Comora Tolliver, Oswaldo Trujillo, Devon Tsuno, Mike Vegas, Feodor Voronov, Matt Wardell, Rachel Warkentin, HK Zamani
November 14 & 15

***I took a billion pics that day and don't have all the matching names to rooms - so if you want me to add you name under the work, please shoot me an email. thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton video and double wall projection video by McLean Fahnestock

Anonymous said...

Happyface guy:
Chris Tallon
The Unknown Artist (2009)
Ichiro Irie
Agglommerations series in the back

Slapping Video:
Ichiro Irie
No Means No... Except When It Means Yes (2009)

Three Headed Drawing:
Aska Iida
I Love Shopping (2009)

Funky Sculptures:
Chris Tallon
Candy Cane (2009)
Ichiro Irie
La Morena (2009)

thesecretlivesofcats said...

Who does the Dubuffet-like sculptures? I like them. Are they styrofoam?

Colingwood said...

I’ve been searching for some decent stuff on the subject and haven't had any luck up until this point, You just got a new biggest fan!.. ARTRA