LACMA is awesome (just another NOT joke)

As posted by Tyler Green (MAN):

"...The paragraph explains that the collector's celebrity is the basis for this exhibit. The wall text has nothing to do with the art on view. For the artists whose work is in the show, it's an insult of the worst kind: 'You're only here because of your association with a Hollywood star,' it says. The exhibition is an embarrassment.

And the presentation gets worse...

'Cheech at LACMA' demonstrates that LACMA director Michael Govan is still growing into his job. No question the museum, which had suffered under poor leadership for years, has been recovering: LACMA seems to be making amends with long disaffected collectors, recent acquisitions have been impressive, and many of LACMA's galleries look better than they have in years. Chris Burden's Urban Light is both smart and endearingly populist. Those are all important developments for which Govan deserves lots of credit.

But two of LACMA's recent exhibition decisions are confounding. It's not just the Cheech Marin debacle: Next month LACMA will open a show called Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008..."

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