VOLUME @ AT1 Projects (part I of II)


VOLUME is an experimental and expansive exhibition featuring a wide spectrum of LA and NY-based contemporary artists of diverse media — painting, sculpture, site-specific and multi-media installation, performance, sound art, and video — whose collective bios boast prestigious bi-coastal, national and international exhibitions, including at the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the New Museum New York, Performa, Deitch Projects, and documenta.

ARTISTS VOLUME: Harold Ancart, Elisabeth Benjamin, Vahe Berberian, Dan Carlson, Hollis Cooper, Mariechen Danz, Ira Eduardovna, Yael Frank, Liz Glynn, Alvaro Guillen, Simon Haas, Francisco Janes, Johns Burtle & Barlog, Erlend Larsen, William Latta, Brendan Lynch, Emily Mast, Melodie Mousset, Levon Parian, Grear Patterson, Tom Pnini, Adam Rabinowitz, Grayson Revoir, Samantha Roth, Jess Ryan, William Sabiston, Aili Schmeltz, Nathan Spondike, Miljan Suknovic, Ryan Sullivan, Kara Tanaka, Cody Trepte, Logan White, Aaron Wrinkle.
the Super/Prime PAVILION: The Cloacina Project (Molly Danielsson and Mathew Lippincott), Harry Gassel, Brendan Griffiths & Mylinh Nguyen, Riley Hooker, Gary Kachadourian, Brian Randolph, Steven Sarkozy, and Stacia Yeapanis.

May 21 – June 6, 2010
(two-weeks only; extension TBA)
AT1 Projects


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This is such a terrific exhibit, and the location is awesome. Hope there it will be extended.