Bruce LaBruce: Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project @ Peres Projects


Bruce LaBruce: Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project
May 23 - June 27, 2009

PR: "...Zombies and porn. What a beautiful combination. I have been dealing in both genres since the early nineties when I made No Skin Off My Ass, my first sexually explicit feature film, and co-starred in my friend Candy's short film Interview with a Zombie, in which I played a gay member of the undead. Against all professional advice, I've been making porn movies ever since, albeit reluctantly. (I'm not a particularly avid consumer of porn, and I don't follow the industry; not unpretentiously, I consider myself not so much a pornographer as an artist who works in porn)..." Bruce LaBruce

Peres Projects LA


loveitallabove said...

I know you are not really looking for this, but this is some heavy conceptual sh!t, right? I mean this is the secret world of so many on-line -- sex and violence. this is some serious, sub-conscious come to life sh!t, all fake visceral and real-not-virtual, virtual-real in the service of commerce for a unique, rarefied audience, like some kinda old Versailles sh!t if only it were more out there in popcultureland, but is that what you really want cuz wouldn't it really make it worse and maybe truly increase the ultraviolence?

glad you posted this. really coming to like installations that very few people see for-real. it's undermining the innernetz. wish I was there! :) peace and love.

Anonymous said...

my office!

tofurkey jerky said...

loved the installation. not sure about peres's look, tho. this ain't berlin last year, homeboy.

Anonymous said...

Boring. Disappointing.

middle class said...

he's giving a lecture @ art center tonight if anyone is interested.

7:30 pm

LAT building

Anonymous said...

totally gay.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.